Frequently Asked Questions
JAFCO - Jannat Addan Farms Co.

We are happy to answer all of your questions.
Below you will find answers to the questions we get frequently.

How big is the farm?
JAFCO’s farm size is 900 Dunums.
How are we special?
Our farm is connected to a computerized system and a meteorological station linked to sensors with Three different levels in different farm locations, for measuring soil humidity, temperature and irrigation.
How much do we produce?
Once the Palm Tree reaches its peak time (10th year), each tree gives nearly 100 kilograms each season. Ten tons of Medjool dates and 600 tons of grapes are produced yearly from our finest quality trees, enhanced by sweetened water and enough fertilizers and pesticides.
How many trees do we have?
We have 7,500 full-grown Medjool palm trees, and 37,000 grape trees spanning the whole farm.
How do we use technology?
In addition to our advanced irrigation sytem, we have RO stations on premises, which are responsible for making our water sweetened using a high pressure pump. In addition to that, we have an automated production line to aid our heroes in packaging our products.