JAFCO - Jannat Adan Farms Co.

Greetings from the lowest point on Earth.

JAFCO (Jannat Adan Farms Company), based on the lowest point on Earth, the Jordan Valley Dead Sea in Jordan. The farm size is 900 Dunums (90 Hectares) is planted with Medjool palm and seedless grapes, using the smartest technologies.

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Name the certificate. We have them all.

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Our Land

Our crops are unique

The environment our crops grow in is unique, due to the fact that the Jordan Valley has a sea level elevation of a maximum of 400 meters below sea level. Our crops enjoy an environment that is air-enriched with the highest oxygen content and plenty of sun rays.

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Our Heros

Over 20 years of experience, all dedicated to our products

The idea began in the early 2000’s by our late father. He started planting bananas and vegetables where he wanted to expand.

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JAFCO Lake View

Family Owned

Our Business is a family owned business. Our late Father is a native of the Jordan Valley, his fathers before him were also in the agriculture business. The decision was that we should grow grapes and Medjool palm trees with a distinguished system of drip irrigation with the latest technologies. Sure enough, we introduced technology and followed the latest methods.

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Faisal AlAdwan
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Thaer AlAdwan

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