JAFCO Packaging Process

We have two production lines for fresh fruit and vegetables with 54 tables.

1000 Square meters, provided with the newest tools for running the production. Precooling room. Our crops temperature is cooled down by vacuuming hot air and replacing it with an ideal temperature prior to freezing temperature for the best outcome. Two cooling rooms fit 100 tons of products. Receiving and loading zones. Control room.

Working Employee
Packing House

01 - Receiving

We receive the products at the receiving zone through farm’s trucks then we do the initial sorting for the products.

Working Employee

02 - Production Line

We put the products on the production line, products go through it automatically to all workers who works there to do the final sorting and packing.

Working Employee
Production Line

03 - Pre Cooling

Products go to precooling room first for 5 hours.

Working Employee
Pre Cooling

04 - Cooling

Products go to cooling rooms at 0 temperature or (–) temperature.

Working Employee
Pre Cooling

Our Packaging

  • Our packaging was designed to meet the modern designs of today. Inspired by the gold bar shape.
  • Carries our products in the best way to keep them as good.
  • The design is also made for easy shipping with quality that can take on any travel methods.
  • Using the best raw material that meets that standards. Sizes starts from 250 g to 5 kg.

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