JAFCO Planting Process

We treat the trees with ❤ until their leaves fall off.

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Our meteorological station is linked to sensors with three different levels in different farm locations, to automate the irrigation process.

Providing us with air temperature, relative humidity, radiation, windspeed, wind direction, rain gauge, daily rain counter, ET calculation (evapotranspiration), dew point calculation, maximum wind speed.

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Meteorogical Station

Our Irrigation System

  • It saves up to 15 programs at a time, making it an efficient and effective method.
  • Irrigation triggers: radiation sun, time and external conditions.
  • It connects up to 40 valves per each irrigation program.
  • Also It saves up to 10 fertilizers dosing programs and dosing method between the time and quantity.
  • In addition to filter flushing, up to 24 filters with the main filter valve.

Irrigation Controller
Irrigation Controller

Automation covering our entire farm

We have 42 irrometers tensiometers installed spanning the entire farm, which are all managed through a mobile application.
The devices are available in several models for sandy and other soil types with standard lengths of ( 30cm, 60cm, 90cm ) based on crop’s rooting depth.

Irrometer Tensiometers

Water is life for everything

The farm has 15 water wells that have been dug around the farm to cover its needs. Furthermore, we supply the Jordan Valley with potable water through our desalination stations.


In-House Desalination Stations

Wells at the Jordan Valley provide water with high salinity (around 4000 ppm TDS). We pump water from the wells, and desalinate it using RO (Reverse Osmosis) units, getting it with a TDS as low as 150 ppm.
The RO stations we use are designed according to water analysis and the needed capacity. They use high pressure pumps (15 bar), and are consisting of RO membranes with 99.7% salt rejection rate.
The output is a product water stream that is seperate from the reject water stream, giving an overall treated water productivity rate of 390 cubic meters per hour.

Desalination Station
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